Tuesday, February 28, 2012

get yourself a Falafel

I have been craving a Falafel.. which is really weird because I think I have only had them once in my life. So I was off to find myself a recipe and make myself a falafel. I had already soaked and cooked a bunch of chickpeas(or garbanzo beans, whichever you like, but when I say garbanzo, I immediately think of Gonzo from the Muppets) anywho... so I found a good video on how to make them...

I ended up not having parsley, and I baked some of them and then fried some. Mine were pretty tasty but I think next time I will use more oil and fry them like the video.

And of course, I liked the little falafel maker like she had. Mine were all over the place!!!

NOW GO MAKE A FALAFEL!!! I really just like saying falafel... I have been saying it all day!! My kids think i have gone nutso!!

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