Monday, March 26, 2012

An eye opener...Food Inc. WATCH IT!

I just watched Food Inc. a Robert Kenner film....and OMGoodness... ya'll need to watch this documentary... it is an absolute necessity... after watching it now i want to living on 40 acres and raise all my own food... an never have to go to the grocery store again... well i mean I have wanted to dot hat for along time but watching this has made me want to do it even more!!!

Just watch it. I'm sure you can get it from netflix, or a video store(do they even have those any more)
i rented it at my local library!!!!its a must

Here is a trailer... some parts I had to close my eyes and my kids were a little scared, and asked why we were watching it... I said " Yes, it is sad and scary, but we have a choice , and this is informing us so we can make better decisions".

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring!!! Thrashers and kilt making

We have has some crazy weather, as most of you all have too! Snow!!! We do get some snow here occasionally, maybe every couple of years... but it was down right comin down... and it was exciting!!
just as we were getting all ready for spring and things we a bloomin... we had a crazy storm... it did not stick at all but it was pretty fun while it lasted.

We just finished our spring break and had some good times... this state is funny, and maybe it is like this in other states to, but what they say here is " if you don't like the weather... wait five minutes". Which I think is so true... because last week we went on a hike in Sedona and it was hot, and i sat out in the sun and got a little sun burnt, and then the next day it was snowing....

So I am not from the east coast, and have only visited New York and Connecticut, but my BFF told me about these fries that they have on the coast,  and they are called Thrashers. Well they must be delicious, and secret... because usually on a search on the Internet i can usually find some sort of recipe of whatever it is that I'm looking for.  But there was nothing except that they use apple cider vinegar and NO ketchup... so I thought I would give it a go and see if they could be made by baking them... well so I just cut up a bunch of potatoes and tossed them in some olive oil and kosher salt and baked at 400 for a long time til they were really crunchy and then doused them with apple cider vinegar and.... They were DELICIOUS!!!! I can't even imagine what the real thing taste like...

We also had a great St. Patricks Day... I love a good corned beef and cabbage and I made some Irish soda bread and of course some mint chip ice cream and Killian's Irish Red beer. Of course, i completely forgot to take any pictures until the end of our good friends, that had just gotten back from living in Peru and Ecuador for 6 months.... so that was really fun hearing there adventures that i forgot to take pics of the actual meal... oh well have to try it again next year...

Oh I almost forgot about my husband, and that he said he would wear a kilt if i could find him one... well of course living in a super small town... there were no kilt stores around, so I had to got down to the ol'e walmart(our only fabric store around) and you know if you have ever been there, that they have a very limited supply, so I got the only plaid that they had and looked on you tube to see if I could make a kilt... well in the short time before my company arrived... this is what i came up with.... so I may have to again try again for next year... or start working on another and maybe it will be done before next year...

have a great day!!! and Happy Spring

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We have some new additions to our family

NEW BABY CHICKS!!!! yeah... they are so cute!!! My girls watch the front of the feed store and wait for the sign to go up announcing the baby chicks are in. So yesterday... was the day... they noticed the sign and screamed... THE BABY CHICKS ARE THERE... CAN WE PLEASE GO GET SOME... so of course i said maybe we will just stop and and look at them.. well we ended up getting 4.. and they are SO cute...

We got 2 Ameracanas, 1 Rhode Island Red, 1Buff Orpington .. so we are pretty excited with our new family members, especially my darling daughter, Ruby, she wants to hold them about every 3 seconds...

If anyone knows a way to integrate the new chicks(when they get their feathers of course) into the coop with the older hens... without getting pecked to death????" Please let me know????

Our seed have also started to sprout... yipeee!! I had bought a Cinderella pumpkin last year and saved the seeds... not very well though... because i just put them in a bag and didn't dry them out good enough, and they got moldy... well I was very bummed that I did that, but decided to go ahead and give it a try and plant them... well lo and behold... they grew!!! SO, I will have a Cinderella pumpkin... to go to the ball in...what fun I will have!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

New bags

And then we went to a show and tell day for our home school group( which my kids did not have a  clue what that was they do!) and we brought our chicken... but I didn't have a cage to put it in and so I had to make one... interesting... eehh???

Here they are with a bearded dragon.. that another kid brought.
Fun times today at our house....
Hope you all had a great day!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seed starting

I think I may have some Spring fever. The girls and I got out our saved yogurt containers and Jiffy seed starter greenhouse kit... and started ourselves some fruit and vegetables.  I get so excited starting a garden, in hopes of growing tons of vegetables for my family... and then remember where I live and how hard it is to garden here.... but I am going to stay very optimistic and hope for the best.

This year I am defiantly going to put a automatic timer thingy on my hose, so I wont forget to water. I usually just do container gardening because if I plant anything in the back yard, it gets burned up. Way to hot back there, and in the front courtyard I do have a great place to garden, but some Bermuda grass has gotten in there and I have wrestled with that for the last couple of years and cannot get it out of the garden bed. and it chokes everything out. I was doing some research on how to get Bermuda grass out of your garden and someone said " the only way to get rid of Bermuda grass is to move"... because its so hard to get rid of, without using chemicals, of course.

So if anyone has a way to get rid of it... Please please please let me know!!
 Do you like how my daughter spelled dill and watermelon??

And look at my apricot tree.. its a bloomin!!! hopefully we don't get another freeze... i would really like to try one of my apricots... since this tree has never produced any...I am trying to be hopeful!!!

Happy March!!!