Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I can't even believe it!!! i just got a YUDU personal screen printer!!! this is unbelievable... i have had my eye on this machine for some time now and just happened to look at the sale ad at Michael's and saw that the sale price was AMAZING!!! like $200 off.... i raced over there(45 min drive) and bought myself a YUDU... i am so excited... i just don't even know what to do....


my camera is not letting download any pics at the moment....so if you have know idea what a YUDU is then go to the link.....

Fun stuff coming SOON>>>> gotta go YUDU!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yippee!!! Schools out for summer(must sing it like Alice Cooper)

Even though we home school... I just really like singing that song!!! Well this year we did a different curriculum and we liked it, but we didn't love it.. and needless to say i really love singing that song!!!! Because i really mean it. Well,  what does everyone have planned for the summer vacation.... anything exciting???

Well for me it all depends on all stars... my two boys... may make all stars even though i had asked them...Are you SURE you what to play if you get picked... and of course they were like... YEAH... of course we do... and i said OH! well then OK... so we will try and do some camping and some backpacking(the new hobby). My husband wants to summit the highest peak in Arizona... Mt Humphreys.  oh with me tagging along with him... which i am thinking.... are you supposed to be like training for something like that???

Well we will see, also maybe a trip to my parents house in No. Cal. Should be fun!!!!!!
A little Arizona sunset for ya!!!

What is on your summer time list?????

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am sitting here....ALL ALONE!!! i can't even believe it!!! YIPEEEE... my husband took all 4 little dills... fishing.....and i chose not to go! This really never happens.... ME ALL ALONE....I always have at least one or two kids that wanted to stay home or was not feeling well so had to stay home... but it worked out that they all went. I really do have lots of stuff i should be doing.... laundry... dishes.... and everything else i do all day long... but lookie here im blogging and loving every minute of it!!!!!! and im thinking of a craft to do... should i start a new one or finish one of the 13 i have started already??? its so fun starting them and then its actually work to finish them.... we will see... until the fishing ends!!!

The bags above are something i actually finished... out of chicken feed bags and doggie food bags.. use them as beach bags, tote bags or reusable grocery bags.. and i am also starting to make a new rug out of old t-shirts. they can all be found on my etsy shop.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

a two poster day!!!

WOW.. here i don't post forever and today im posting twice... i need to catch up.. who knows maybe it will be three....

OH HOW I LOVE BABY GOATS!!!!! we went on a little field trip to Strawberry AZ.(is this not he cutest name of a town????)  to Fossil Creek goat and llama farm... so fun... we had the best goat milk fudge and goat cheese...... I on the other hand was a little confused about the field trip and I thought that we actually got to milk them and make the fudge ourselves(which i was so extremly excited to do) but we just got to feed the baby goats from a bottle and BUY the fudge... oh well it was still fun... my boys were grateful... before the trip they were saying " we are not milking anything"   what fun is that, I say!!!! Fun homeschooling days!!!!

A New hobby???

So my sweet husband wants to start backpacking as a family and check out new hikes... so for Mothers Day he bought me a new backpack and a new backpacking chair and a backpacking sleeping bag...I love the colors of them... OH and i do love them as well. let me just say my husband LOVES to buy gear!! he's a GEAR GUY!! and NOT the cheap stuff either!!! Well.. we went on a hike as a family and YES we did have fun, even my 4 yo baby dill.. made the trip ALL BY HERFELF!!! And i did get some exercise and it was pretty.... there was water there... in Arizona.....people that live in AZ flock to water....we DID have a good time, Thanks to my sweet big dill pickle!!!!