Friday, February 17, 2012

brewing nite

So I decided Friday nights should be brewing night. So tonight, I brewed up a batch of amber bock... I haven't made any beer in quite some time so hope all goes well.

so that should be done in a few weeks and now i really want to learn how to make Mead... that should be and experiment... i need to find some good recipes. With that I have been really wanting to make some honey lip gloss... and some honey cookies... ya know what I'm thinking... i think i really need to just get some bees... that is really something that i have always wanted to do... well definitely some more research... oh.. while i was making the amber bock... i also made some chicken for dinner
It was really good.. this photo is actually after we ate half of it.. we were so hungry.. I forgot to take a picture... and one more V-day photo of our heart pumpkin muffins.. that were de-lish..and turned out so cute...they were for our 2 days after Valentine home school party
Yum-Yum  have a yummy weekend!!

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