Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seed starting

I think I may have some Spring fever. The girls and I got out our saved yogurt containers and Jiffy seed starter greenhouse kit... and started ourselves some fruit and vegetables.  I get so excited starting a garden, in hopes of growing tons of vegetables for my family... and then remember where I live and how hard it is to garden here.... but I am going to stay very optimistic and hope for the best.

This year I am defiantly going to put a automatic timer thingy on my hose, so I wont forget to water. I usually just do container gardening because if I plant anything in the back yard, it gets burned up. Way to hot back there, and in the front courtyard I do have a great place to garden, but some Bermuda grass has gotten in there and I have wrestled with that for the last couple of years and cannot get it out of the garden bed. and it chokes everything out. I was doing some research on how to get Bermuda grass out of your garden and someone said " the only way to get rid of Bermuda grass is to move"... because its so hard to get rid of, without using chemicals, of course.

So if anyone has a way to get rid of it... Please please please let me know!!
 Do you like how my daughter spelled dill and watermelon??

And look at my apricot tree.. its a bloomin!!! hopefully we don't get another freeze... i would really like to try one of my apricots... since this tree has never produced any...I am trying to be hopeful!!!

Happy March!!!

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