Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things I am loving right now

1. This song by Renee and Jeremy

2. Teaching the crafts at VBS at Calvary Chapel

3. Making picnic blankets for the 3 weddings I am going to this summer, and finding cute picnic baskets and goodies to go inside as their gifts.

4.Spotify  go to it and make your own music list...FOR FREE

5. The 4 hour body by Timothy Ferriss (which I had gotten at the library, and had to return it before i had the chance to read it... so i bought it for my husband for fathers day, along with The 4 hr. Work Week( same author). And I am on day 3 of the eating regime and doing great!!!

6. getting ready to go up to the cool weather for a night or 2 to watch my 10 yo, play in his all star baseball tournament.
7. Also getting ready to watch my 7yo starr as the Secret Garden in the Secret Garden for the Missula Children's Theater... should be a great show!!!

8. And last but not least, enjoying a moment of peace and quite right this very minute, while 3 of my kids are at a friends house and one just fell asleep... wowza.....awesome!!!

Have a great day!!!If anyone would like to share there list of loves at the moment...feel free!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

T shirt skirt... upcycled and recycled

So, I have really been wanting to make a cute summer skirt out of my bins and bins of t-shirts(for projects of course).... and what motivated me to finally do it was my sweet husband threating to throw them all away(because i have to many)... so of course... i was like.... i am making somthing out of those... you cant get rid of now is the time... I really love this store on Etsy twinklewear
and would love to make those kind... but being the novice sewer that i am... i will try my best...

So i measured my waist and cut some stretchy lycra type tshirt material and that was the waist band, then I cut a piece of paper bag(from trader joes of course, that kind works the best)... for a pattern. I was doing 6 panels so I measured that it would be 6 1/2 in at the top of one panel and then went down to about 9 in at the bottom of the panel.. so i cut out 6 panels and sewed them together right sides together.. and then pinned the waist line on and sewed it on... and whaaa laaaa... it turned pretty good for my first one... many more to go... and so comfy...

have fun crafting!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

1950's bridal shower fun!!!

Well, I had a great time helping put together my good friends 1950 pin up girl bridal shower... although we had some gale force winds to contend with... we still had a great time...

The maid of honor made the Oreo cookie cupcakes, and the chocolate strawberries, and the delicious, cheesecake stuffed strawberries... and make a super cute pin up girl banner.

I went straight to the recycle bin and my girls and I made the vases ... and made alot of red and white polka dot goodies to decorate and for gifts....  and really only the bride to be, the mother of the bride and I dressed up for the theme.. but we all had a great time....

I made some delicious sangria... and tea sandwiches, cheese and crackers, veggie tray, fruit tray, it was all just fabulous.

We played some kookie games, knock the bottle down, with the cucumber, drop the penny in the bottle with your knees, and of course, make a bridal dress with the TP(which we had 2 adorable models).

And listened to all sorts of fantastic 50's music...

I hope everyone had some 50's fun

Here is the Bride to be.. is she not the cutest!!!!

oh and the... super cute apron that I made for her.....

have a fabulous day!!!