Monday, September 17, 2012

the weathers a changin and soccer is here

I am so excited to feel a change in the weather... even though it is still hot during the day, I am thoroughly enjoying the moments of coolness in the early morning and evening.

Soccer has started which brings the feeling of fall... last Saturday we spend the entire day 7:30 am to 7:30 pm at the soccer field... with four kids on four different teams and four separate picture times the whole entire day was spent at the field. 

I also volunteered to make all four soccer banners(in Lu of paying $10 each to have them professionally made) they came out pretty good, I used an old sheet and acrylic paint... a little kooky but good.
here is one, that my daughter begged me to let her help...

there have been some little creatures visiting us lately... probably because of the monsoons
 tarantula on our screen door and northern ring neck snake in the driveway!!! never a dull moment around here.

We just had 2 birthdays this week, my son Mason turned 11 and Lily turned 8... its always a crazy time for us... this week... soccer usually has just begun and then trying to fit... something in... I have always done just one big party... but now since they are getting older its getting harder... so we went to Jump Street for both of the birthdays and a small party for cake and ice cream and cake pops...and Lily got her ears pierced... fun stuff

She was so excited, but she said she never wanted to do it again...which is good, we don't want anything else pierced in the future...

have a great day!!