Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May!!!

Yesterday was May Day(May 1) and I never realized your supposed to give gifts of flowers or plants on that day??? Who knew??? Well, I learn so much just homeschooling my little pickles.. and I learned that yesterday... so I cut a couple of flowers from my rose bush and let the girls give them to their ballet teacher... next year I will be prepared!!!

Well what else has been going on in my world.... lets see

Did a spur of the moment camping trip last weekend...

 Had a great visit from my dear friend Susan... from Conneticut... and hung out in Jerome, my all time favorite town.
 Made some bread from the 5 minute bread book.... and I think I messed it up.. my kids wouldn't even eat it...
 Have been getting lots of eggs from my sweet little chickens... although they have been VERY noisy VERY early lately... and so i havae been geting up and feeding them to hush them up and not upset my neighbors.
 Have been making hair accessories out of old t-shirts( in ASU colors for a friend)

Hope your have a great start to your May!!!!