Tuesday, February 21, 2012

soft serve bananas and rock climbing

I just discovered a yummy treat... after our rock climbing adventure(pics to follow) we all needed something yummy. So, I was looking for inspiration on pinterest.. which always inspires me.. and found banana ice cream that I had pinned long ago, and since I had just bought a paper grocery bag full of ripe bananas for 99 cents at my grocery store... it was the perfect treat.

To make... just freeze a bunch of cut up bananas(makes it easier to ninja, if cut up)

Put in food processor or I used my NINJA... then add extras like p-butter cocoa, I added chocolate chips... and my kids loved it...EXCEPT my eldest child.. who despises bananas and if I even touch one he will ask me to wash my hand before touching anything else.... hopefully that will change.

I got the recipe from a pin that came from use real butter and she has all kinds of yummy looking stuff over there.

We also did some rock climbing this weekend... we are learning and having fun exploring...my kids LOVE it and say they want to do it every weekend. I was so sore from the first time, I never realized what a work out it can be..

here is the first weekend

then the kids started getting a little more daring...this is this last weekend

We are having fun with our new family hobby... its a great time to spend together out in nature and exploring( no computers, tvs, phones)...just us spending time together...love it!!

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