Tuesday, October 30, 2007

yippeee... its almost halloween!

i just love dressing up for halloween.... i mean really... how often can you or do you pretend you are totally someone else. i mean that is so cool. for one day out of the year you can be what ever your little heart desires.

this year i finally talked my husband into actually dressing up as a couple( i beg him every year) so this year we are dressing up as SONNY and CHER. oh wait.. i forgot.. i just remembered that we were tonto and the lone ranger.. one time.


well, im really excited, not that alot of people are going to see us... the neighbors, and oh,, the people at the library oh,, and a couple of friends we invite every year for chili and corn bread before the kiddies are stuffing there faces with candy. we take our kids trick or treating around our neighborhood and im taking the kids to the library for a costume party, so that should be fun.

how do other parents deal with the candy situation?.. so you let them go for it and just eat it all up... do you limit to a couple a day? id like to hear how others deal with this...??? happy halloween

Friday, October 26, 2007

yeah... its..pumpkin bread time!!!

i am very excited about this time because my darling children barley eat any vegetables.... so i love making them pumpkin bread, because i feel at least there getting something in there.... right? i mean i do the sneaking in of the carrots and onions in my spaghetti sauce(chop them super tiny with my pampered chef chopper), and then i try to make carrot muffins and pancakes but am sometimes they don't pass the inspection of the vegetable police and then only i eat them!!! and i do not need to be eating what my children wont eat.. i would be as big as a house.

so the pumpkin bread is a hit and everyone eats it.... yippee and i cant see making in the dead of the summer when its 115 degrees outside so now that its only 85 degrees it seems appropriate...lol. no really it is that temp during the day, but it finally has been getting cooler at night. there is a hint of fall in the air.

i did just hear about Jerry Seinfeld's wife's new cook book, ( I'm not sure of the name)where you can puree vegetables and sneak them into lots of things... I'm going to have to purchase that one... i will be so sneaky...well enjoy your pumpkin bread !

Friday, October 19, 2007

bags from bags...

well... i think that i am, pretty much making the cutest bags from trash, that you have ever seen...what??? yes, i am recycling my plastic grocery bags and crocheting them into, new super cute purses and bags and what not. how GREEN can i be...

now i try to live by the REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE concept, which i have been preaching to all my friends for years, and then, what do you know, one of my favorite singers writes a song on the very subject, Jack Johnson, (great mind think alike,lol)... i also wrote a speech, way back when, in my college public speaking class on the 3 R's...anyway i try to do my part to save the environment and what better way, to make something new out of all the trash that we produce. oh... and actually i really use canvas grocery bags at the store instead of plastic, so i have to beg my friends to give me there's for my projects.

well my good friend and i have been making these purses and such and let me tell you that everyone that sees them are quite smitten with them, they just cant believe what kooks we are... just kidding!

so i am trying to think up a good name for our little bags, just in case we decide to become rich and famous selling them or something...lol, so if anyone has an idea for a name, send me a post... oh and i would also love to see anyone else who has been making trash into treasure... and see what other fun ideas people have on recycling...BE GREEN!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

what i always said... i would never do as a mom

i remember... before i had kids, i would see other moms and think..."when im a mother ...i will never do that" like, i always said, "i wont let my kids watch tv, oh... i will never let them have sugar, thats just plain crazy!

and i did pretty good with my first child, made all his cakes and snacks with no sugar til he was about 2 1/2 and really no tv until the second child came around...then little p(my then 2 yr old) went to his first birthday party.... and it was over and to get anything done with the new baby i had to keep him occupied.

now... 800,000 episodes of Dora later, i no longer feel the way i did way back when... sugar?.. no problem.. have that lollie pop for breakfast, while sitting in front of the tv...lol well im also have 4 children now and it just got harder and harder with each one.. so sometimes you just got to say " go for it." all kidding aside, you have to do the best you can, but don't be too unfair to yourself by having unrealistic expectations. I don't think my philosophy of child rearing has changed and I don't think I have sold out. remember when you were expecting your first and other veteran parents would tell you that you will love your child even more than you think you are capable? and as soon as your child was born it was like a light went on and you thought.... oh yeah, thats what they meant. well, i now realize that flexibility is one of traits of a good mom and if that means i get to say "yes" a couple more times a day, im all for it.