Friday, May 23, 2014

bottle cap pallet it!

      So I have been saving bottle caps, in hopes to make something....FOR-E-VER(say it like Squints on the Sandlot).. and finally, finally, finally, I did it!!!! yippee yahoo

     It took me a long time because I kept having holdups.. but if I would have looked up on the computer the correct way to do it first , it wouldn't have taken so long... and I didn't realize it was going to take so much resin.. if I could have figured that out first, I would have bought it by the gallon.. instead of having to go back again and again to get more... I guess I just do things the hard way....anyhow its done now... and I can stop my bottle cap collection... But I do LOVE it.. its a conversation piece, that's for sure!!!

Have a great day!!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

pallet love

        So really where does the time go????  I have been up to a lot lately, well I guess a lot since the last time I have posted.. which was forever ago.. we moved to a new state, Nevada, and we love it, we do miss all of our Arizona friends though...  but this town we live in, is so cute and it has lots of festivals and we are right by a lake, and we just got a boat, and we have pool and and and.. oh there is just so much to say.... but right now, I and going to tell you about some projects that I have just finished and am so excited about...

Pallets... they rock... they are so useful and a lot of times they are just thrown away... so what better way that to recycle( cause you know I am a BIG recycler)

so since we have a pool in our house here in our new town.. I needed a porch swing, to sit and watch my kiddos swim, right.. so I made one

So I really had no idea what I was doing... I looked at countless pictures on pinterest and on you tube, and still had a hard time, so I just figured it out. I cut a pallet not in half, but like one piece was 1/3 and one was 2/3, the 2/3 being in the back and the 1/3 for the seat part. I braced it with lots of pieces of wood and went to the hardware store and got big sturdy bolts and put them on everywhere so we wouldn't fall when we sat in it. Then I got some big chains and eye bolts, sanded and painted it and hung it to the beam out by the pool.

So that is one outdoor project... and here is another one... I really wanted a patio table, but the one I wanted was $1500.. not sure why my hunny wouldn't buy it for me.. haha... so I built one... its a little rickety( I need to brace it a little more) and I still need to paint it(not sure if I should) and I should sand it a little more(the kids say they get splinters in there forearms when they eat at it). But I really wanted to get this project done and I do cut corners... one of my faults...

Now another one of my projects is a TV stand.. when we moved we got rid of alot of stuff and somehow we just didn't have a place to put the TV so again.. I just made one. this one took a lot more work and I did look on pinterest and other pallet sites to get ideas, but like I said I don't have any carpentry skills so I was just winging it...

I had to lots of cutting with my husbands saws, and he did the shelves, because I did want them straight.. haha..

and the last project that was a easy one.. the pallet garden

I just stapled the weed blocker to the sides and back and filled it with soil and planted my seeds and bought plants... I did my tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets(didn't think it was deep enough for those...

So I did not make all of these in one day, it was several weeks and I got all the pallets from when my husband opened his new office, he had to buy a lot of cubicles and they came on the pallets... so I scored there... so go out there and find some pallets and make something fun!!!!!