Monday, December 22, 2008

its the season...

for making homemade gifts. one of these years i would love to just have a homemade Christmas and tell everyone i only want homemade things and only give homemade sure my kids would just love that...hahaha.

well i am trying to make somethings for gifts.... im making fabric grocery bags, so everyone can GO GREEN, im also crocheting dish cloths out of cotton yarn. and then if i had a camera, i would take pics of these items to show off, but my darling husband threw it in the garbage, along with cell phone... on accident of course, but i just love to remind him of it...( thats not very nice, is it...)

any who, i was just visiting a new blog, to me, chickens in the road i believe its and she mentioned cherry pit bags, to keep you warm in these cold months. i have some of the corn bags that i warm up in the micro for my little pickles at night, but the cherry pit bags sound very interesting.

have a great holiday season!!