Thursday, January 24, 2008

i have got to figure this blogging thing out

well i have been blogging for a little while and i still do not know how to do some things, i cant figure out how to highlight words to link somewhere else. it must be easy because so many other bloggers do it all the time.

i also want to learn how to get music on here and how to get more traffic to my blog.... this blogging thing amazes my and how many people do it.

i really do need to limit myself though, there are so many good ones that i could be on the computer all day... but i guess i can't lock my kids up in the bedroom and slide food under the door, just so i can look at blogs...but its tempting!!!

well if anyone has any advise let me know...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wow, that holiday season went by fast!!

well its all over and i did not craft as much as i wanted to, there really is not enough hours in the day.
although i did make some really cute corn bags in the shape of a heart(to heat up like hot pillows) and i also made a lavender neck pillow that you can heat up. my mom loved it.

my 3 yr old lily wanted this little stuffed dog that is eating a pie, that is called a softie and i made it out of felt. then i made some fleece scarves for 8 yr old patrick, and 6 yr old mason and my dad and bro. and i made a fleece hat for 6 yo. my 8 yr old wanted a dallas cowboys beanie and i was not about to pay 20 bucks for a hat just because it said cowboys, so i bought a dallas cowboys star and sewed it on a $1.99 beanie, it turned out great.

well maybe i did make more gifts than i thought, well i want to still make more for next year so i guess i better start now....ya right i wish i had taken some pics of it all but maybe next year.