Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I really want to start to get into couponing...but i can't figure it out. I get the Sunday paper and try to get all organized.. i bought a coupon folder and i cut out all the coupons... and i even take them to the store...but then everything I end up buying... I don't have a coupon for it.... its getting a little frustrating.... it seems like I just don't buy the things that  I have coupons for... or I end up buying the store brand because it seems cheaper...HUMMM... well not sure what to do about that one!!! I even went to a coupon class, and i have watched some good you tube videos on the subject....I guess I will just keep trying.

On another subject.. I have been getting seed catalogs in the mail...ooohhh... that just gets me so excited.... my brother is making some really cool herb windowsill boxes, and while i was visiting was starting some herb seeds.... i wish he would get his blog going spicygreens.blogspot.com and put the pics up that I took of his project eeehem!!! But it really gets me in the mood for spring... even though it seems like spring here, the weather changes so often that it will still freeze several times and then the next day my girls will be in there bathing suits asking to turn on the hose on the trampoline.. and i of course will not let them even though they are complaining about being so HOT.
So I will probably start some seeds at the end of February, maybe on the 29th (leap day)... but first I get to browse the seed catalogs... yay!! happy seed shopping

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