Monday, January 23, 2012

daily goals

This New Year is all about goals for me... i have my goals for the year and now i am trying to do daily goals. I have needed some changes in my life and i think this is the year for them. i am starting small but hopefully they will turn into big changes.

Todays goals... do the Jillian 30 day on my blog... check..... make black bean burgers from angrychicken   go to Walgreens and get my husband some whey protein powder.... pick up oldest pickle from school and go to 2 basketball games(the 2 middle pickles)... write out a buisness plan for a new business i want to start...dishes... laundry and homeschool the 2 middle pickles and my baby dill...  oh and take a shower.... since i still have wig head from out wig bunko party.... thats it for today....

i asked my pickles if they liked my pink hair and if i should keep it.... they were not to excited about it... i thought i looked just like Stephanie on Lazy Town....I guess i  would be more like her mother!!! Have a happy day!!!

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