Tuesday, October 30, 2007

yippeee... its almost halloween!

i just love dressing up for halloween.... i mean really... how often can you or do you pretend you are totally someone else. i mean that is so cool. for one day out of the year you can be what ever your little heart desires.

this year i finally talked my husband into actually dressing up as a couple( i beg him every year) so this year we are dressing up as SONNY and CHER. oh wait.. i forgot.. i just remembered that we were tonto and the lone ranger.. one time.


well, im really excited, not that alot of people are going to see us... the neighbors, and oh,, the people at the library oh,, and a couple of friends we invite every year for chili and corn bread before the kiddies are stuffing there faces with candy. we take our kids trick or treating around our neighborhood and im taking the kids to the library for a costume party, so that should be fun.

how do other parents deal with the candy situation?.. so you let them go for it and just eat it all up... do you limit to a couple a day? id like to hear how others deal with this...??? happy halloween

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