Friday, October 19, 2007

bags from bags...

well... i think that i am, pretty much making the cutest bags from trash, that you have ever seen...what??? yes, i am recycling my plastic grocery bags and crocheting them into, new super cute purses and bags and what not. how GREEN can i be...

now i try to live by the REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE concept, which i have been preaching to all my friends for years, and then, what do you know, one of my favorite singers writes a song on the very subject, Jack Johnson, (great mind think alike,lol)... i also wrote a speech, way back when, in my college public speaking class on the 3 R's...anyway i try to do my part to save the environment and what better way, to make something new out of all the trash that we produce. oh... and actually i really use canvas grocery bags at the store instead of plastic, so i have to beg my friends to give me there's for my projects.

well my good friend and i have been making these purses and such and let me tell you that everyone that sees them are quite smitten with them, they just cant believe what kooks we are... just kidding!

so i am trying to think up a good name for our little bags, just in case we decide to become rich and famous selling them or, so if anyone has an idea for a name, send me a post... oh and i would also love to see anyone else who has been making trash into treasure... and see what other fun ideas people have on recycling...BE GREEN!!!

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