Friday, October 26, 2007

yeah... its..pumpkin bread time!!!

i am very excited about this time because my darling children barley eat any vegetables.... so i love making them pumpkin bread, because i feel at least there getting something in there.... right? i mean i do the sneaking in of the carrots and onions in my spaghetti sauce(chop them super tiny with my pampered chef chopper), and then i try to make carrot muffins and pancakes but am sometimes they don't pass the inspection of the vegetable police and then only i eat them!!! and i do not need to be eating what my children wont eat.. i would be as big as a house.

so the pumpkin bread is a hit and everyone eats it.... yippee and i cant see making in the dead of the summer when its 115 degrees outside so now that its only 85 degrees it seems no really it is that temp during the day, but it finally has been getting cooler at night. there is a hint of fall in the air.

i did just hear about Jerry Seinfeld's wife's new cook book, ( I'm not sure of the name)where you can puree vegetables and sneak them into lots of things... I'm going to have to purchase that one... i will be so sneaky...well enjoy your pumpkin bread !


Heather@To Sow a Seed said...

Pumpkin bread is a huge hit here. As is zucchini bread. And banana bread. And cinnamon bread. And ... well, you get the point. We are not a low carb family. :-)

summer said...

oh yes, my kids do love all breads(we are not a low carb family eiether... oh wait i should say.. my husband loves to eat them but complains about the carbs and that im making him fat) that is the way i try to sneak in the veggies... thanks for your comment