Saturday, November 3, 2007

the poor 4th child...

well what i mean to say ... i have 4 children, and the poor thing... she just gets all the used up friend was here, tonight and looks at the baby, she is 10 months but will always be "the baby", she was eating in here high chair and noticed its does not even have a cushion on it... i mean nothing, just the hard plastic chair. the poor thing, oh well,she will be a tough cookie, that's for sure.

she also gets all the hand me downs, which really, i love, i have not had to buy her a thing. she will always get the old bikes, the old toys, strollers, clothes... and the high chair minus the cushion.

well, the 4th child does get alot of good stuff too! lots of fun with all her brothers and sister, always entertained, and never a dull moments in her sweet little life. so... guess one does not need a cushion on their high chair to be happy.

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