Saturday, July 7, 2012

Right now

Right now....we are still in the thick of baseball... we have all star games every night..(which i am so proud of my sweet son who has had 2 grand slams... and a regular home run...(and i found out what a grand slam was...its not the Denny's menu item)

right now... I just found this list that i posted on face book(when i used to post things)in 2008... which  I  was surprised of how many still apply

1. I am a horrible house cleaner and a major mess maker.
2. I made a huge tee pee for my kids to play in.
3. my dream is to someday build a straw bale home.
4. i want to plant a vineyard and learn to make my own wine
5. my husband and i brew our own beer, the nut brown is the best!
6. i home school my 4 kiddos( well only 2 at the moment)
7. i am crazy about recycling, and try to get all my friends to get on board.
8. i call myself a dabbler, i like to dabble in many things (crocheting, sewing, gardening etc.)but I'm not really great at one thing

9. i once made my own cheese, it was supposed to be mozzarella, but turned into ricotta.

10. i really want to live in a yurt(while I'm building our straw bale house) which is a Mongolian tent

11. i want to learn how to raise bees and get their honey
12. i want to be a farmer.
13. i someday would like to do a house swap and go live in Europe for a year or so.

14. i have a BS in photography
15. i just finished breastfeeding my baby, life is going to be different, since it seems like i have been nursing a baby or prego for 9 years, yikes dream car is a vw bus
17. i want to get some chickens and a goat
18. I've moved back and forth from AZ to CA to many times to count
19.i am going to do a mini triathlon and I'm starting to work out tomorrow! for sure!

20. someday I'm going to have a huge garden, that actually produces some vegetables and not just weeds.

21.i love being a stay at home mommy!
22. i love going to thrift stores
23. i cant go to sleep without putting on chap stick first.
24. i love jack johnson
25. my favorite dinner is pizza and beer
right now... listening to my daughter read Hedge's Surprise to her younger it!

right now... anxiously waiting for my Kombucha to be ready... only 5 more days!!!!

right now....just got done playing a game of Life with the kiddos... I was a travel agent and made $100,000 a year.(why can't i do that in real life)

right now...loving this song

right now... really wishing we could go camping...up in the cooler temperatures...108 vs. 80 degrees... who wouldn't?

right now... planning a trip to Cali... to see my parents... and swim swim swim and see all my high school pals( that is if we don't make it to the state championships for all stars... if we do, that now summer vacation for us...boohoo)

 right now.... enjoying going to the creek

What are you doing right now????


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