Friday, July 13, 2012

Making Kombucha and blackberry pickin

OMG..... I  just tried my first batch of Kombucha and......drum roll please.....IT WAS DE-LISH-OUS
I can believe it turn out SO good....I was a little nervous when my friend gave me the scoby... it did look a little creepy... she had brought it to the baseball field for me to take it home in a glass mason jar.... everyone and anyone that looked at it.... gawked and said WHAT IS THAT? some guessed... and octopus... some guessed a brain.... but no... i told them... its the mother, a scoby, a mushroom, to make a delightful fermented tea drink most of them got really grossed out...they just don't know what they are missing   (and by the way.. it costs like 3-5 dollars in the store).... and now I can make it for FREE.... yipee!!!!

 The way I made my kombucha....

So... they way i made it was so easy... i just took the scoby that my friend gave me and then in a pot one the stove boiled 4 cups of water and then turned off the heat... then took 6 tea bags, I used 3 green and 3 black and 1 cup of organic sugar,  and steeped the tea until it was room temp. and the sugar was dissolved. Then i poured the tea/sugar mixture into a gallon glass jar and then gently poured the scoby in and covered it with a paper towel and a rubber band. and let it sit in  a dark place room temp. for 10 days... ( don't use any metal or plastic, only glass, for anything ) then put the scoby with a little of  the liquid in another container, and you can reuse it to make some more.

It will form a new layer(another scoby) and you can share that one with your friends

Today we also went blackberry picking down by the creek.... i had heard there were lots of them from my boys who have been going down there and fishing... so i really needed to go get some before all the birds at them all... i am so excited to make something yummy for dessert to night.... the question is???? what to make.... cobbler, pie, topping for ice cream????? anyone have a great blackberry recipe they would like to share????

Have a great day!!!

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