Tuesday, April 10, 2012

T-shirt rug tutorial

So if your like me, you don't like to add to the ever growing landfill and so you try to reuse everything that you possibly can... So then you may have 3 giant bins of unwanted t-shirts that your kids have stained up or grown out of.... well this is one of the things that I do with my old t-shirts...make a RUG!!!

So first...get out about 7-8 adult t-shirts or 10-12 kids t-shirts... and start cutting..

 after you have cut, you need to pull the strips and they will curl, and give you  better tarn to work with.. some t-shirts wont curl up... you can still use them, it just gives you a different effect.

Now you have yourself a roll of tarn(which is t-shirt yarn)... now I have seen a rug made by braiding the tarn... but I personally crochet the tarn into a rug.. so you will need to join the pieces of tarn(each t-shirt) by snipping a small hole in the end of each piece of tarn and chaining the pieces together so you have a continuous piece.. don't try to just tie then together.. because the first time you wash your rug, they will come apart... believe me I have done this...

Assuming you already know how to crochet..(if you don't watch this)
I feel like I am still a beginner, and i can make this rug... so you can too!

So now that you have some tarn, then you can just start your rug... you can go back and forth, or a round and round and make a circle rug..

So there you go... use up all those old t-shirts to make something new and keep them out of the land fill...

More uses of old t-shirts to come...

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