Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We have some new additions to our family

NEW BABY CHICKS!!!! yeah... they are so cute!!! My girls watch the front of the feed store and wait for the sign to go up announcing the baby chicks are in. So yesterday... was the day... they noticed the sign and screamed... THE BABY CHICKS ARE THERE... CAN WE PLEASE GO GET SOME... so of course i said maybe we will just stop and and look at them.. well we ended up getting 4.. and they are SO cute...

We got 2 Ameracanas, 1 Rhode Island Red, 1Buff Orpington .. so we are pretty excited with our new family members, especially my darling daughter, Ruby, she wants to hold them about every 3 seconds...

If anyone knows a way to integrate the new chicks(when they get their feathers of course) into the coop with the older hens... without getting pecked to death????" Please let me know????

Our seed have also started to sprout... yipeee!! I had bought a Cinderella pumpkin last year and saved the seeds... not very well though... because i just put them in a bag and didn't dry them out good enough, and they got moldy... well I was very bummed that I did that, but decided to go ahead and give it a try and plant them... well lo and behold... they grew!!! SO, I will have a Cinderella pumpkin... to go to the ball in...what fun I will have!!!

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