Monday, March 26, 2012

An eye opener...Food Inc. WATCH IT!

I just watched Food Inc. a Robert Kenner film....and OMGoodness... ya'll need to watch this documentary... it is an absolute necessity... after watching it now i want to living on 40 acres and raise all my own food... an never have to go to the grocery store again... well i mean I have wanted to dot hat for along time but watching this has made me want to do it even more!!!

Just watch it. I'm sure you can get it from netflix, or a video store(do they even have those any more)
i rented it at my local library!!!!its a must

Here is a trailer... some parts I had to close my eyes and my kids were a little scared, and asked why we were watching it... I said " Yes, it is sad and scary, but we have a choice , and this is informing us so we can make better decisions".

Have a great day!!!

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