Saturday, September 29, 2007

to SOCCER MOMS everywhere... WE ROCK!!!

i mean ...seriously... to be able to get up early, fix a healthy energizing breakfast, find all of the soccer shirts, socks, cleats, shorts, shin guards, fill water bottles, brings the snacks for the whole team, get everyone loaded up in the car and buckled, without forgetting anyone and get to the game on time while lugging chairs, extra jackets, diaperbags, etc. all on a saturday morning(supposedly on our day off).

WE ROCK!!!!!!

its always crazy around here, on sat. morning, two different teams having to go to two different locations at two different times.... its nutso.. but fun!!!

well it is actually that time of the morning so i just thought id write a quick blog about it... but now im off to the games... so enjoy.. all you SOCCER MAMMAS!!!

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Matisrocks said...

Don't forget about soccer dads! Driving the kids and going out to Denny's after the game. It's exhausting. Great blog. Love the bags!!!