Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i was green...before green was cool!!!

i really think i was, i really don't remember the exact moment i became green, i just know it was before all this... i do remember recycling everyones beer bottles at parties, and then in the morning going out to breakfast with my $ that i has gotton from recycling the cans and bottles. i also remember begging my dad to hang one of those can crushers in the garage so i could crush all the cans, i thought that was so fun... wow, im kooky!
so now im really glad that everyone is finally catching up. maybe i started the whole trend...lol, i have convinced some of mi amigos to start recycling and using canvas bags at the store instead of plastic or paper and changing your light bulbs to those curly ones... so i guess every person can make a difference...yippee and be green!

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