Sunday, September 23, 2007

yeah, its getting to be alot like autumn

im so excited, its finally cooling off!! living here in az we welcome the cooler weather after a long hot im sure most of us do. we are taking down the pool that my parents got us for the summer.... and let me tell you that i will NEVER have a job as a pool boy. i stink at it... i actually should not even call ours a pool... its the pond, i told the kids we should of just bought some goldfish to keep in there and maybe they could of fished all summer, or it could of been a science experiment for one of our homeschooling endeavors, because we were growing all kinds of algae and water bugs, my kids did even ask if we could get some ducks. they would ask me why our neighbors pool was so crystal clear and clean so i had to tell them mommy can do alot of things... but taking care of a pool is not one of them. well, they got to swim most of the summer, when i finally just told them to pretend we are down at the creek... and you will be fine. happy autumn

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