Thursday, August 9, 2012

vacations, weddings, and luaus..oh my!!!

Well needless to say...I have been busy again... we had a wonderful time going out to my parents in northern Cali... and good to see some great old friends... i mean they are not old just.. ya know.. I have known most of them since Jr. high... so they are old friends( and we are getting a little old too!!)

My mom and brother threw my dad and I a big Luau... for my 40th and my dads 60th birthdays... that was fun... my brother the chef.. cooked up some good Hawaiian food...

i didn't get any good food pics, but we had some great pulled pork, teriyaki chicken, coconut rice and more... and of course lots of pina coladas, and Mai tais and pool fun.

Then we went to one of my favorite lakes in the area... Englebright Lake.  We rented a patio cruiser and took the kids and my parents and brother out for a little day trip. The lake was a little to cold for my liking... but the kids didn't mind.

18 years ago, we rented the same boat when my AZ friends came out for our wedding, and we took them out for a cruise... good times.

oh and ruby caught her first fish... she was very excited!!!!

So now its back to reality... which is so hard after a vacation... and the laundry is what really stinks!!!

We are now getting ready for a 1940s wedding coming up this weekend... all 4 of my kiddos are in the wedding... so lots of preparations... I am altering a dress, that i found for 10 buck at consignment shop, and i also found one at a thrift store for 2 buck, so i am deciding which one to where. ...

if anyone has a suggestion of which they like better let me know????

 This one was the $2 one... and it is really from the 1940s

 Here are the great shoes I am wearing, that i got at the thrift store.... I just love the thrift store!!!!

So, this polka dot dress, was not 1940s its more 1980s... so my plan is to make it more 1940s... so
i took up the hem to the knee.. and used that fabric to make little sleeves... here it is with one sleeve done.....doesn't it look better?????

I am really excited for the wedding!!! I will take lots of pics!!!

 have a great day!!!!

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