Monday, August 20, 2012

1940s wedding...check!

After much anticipation, the 1940s wedding, that we have been talking about and so excited to attend, was so much fun.... all 4 of my children we in the wedding, a ring bearer, an usher and 2 flower girls. The talk of the wedding was had almost every morning, on the mother of the bride and my walks at 6am. So it was fun seeing how it all cam together...beautiful location in the mountains, lots friends, beautiful bride, great bridal party dance routine, and the best part was the vintage photo booth

 the bride and her cousins,,, being silly

 my handsome 10 year old.. the ring bearer... he was so glad he got to keep the hat
 my sweet 7year old in the middle... i just love her..
 my sweet 5 year old, this is the first picture that she, didn't do her funny lip smile..
 i loved the way my dress turned out... i think its because...i actually broke out my iron...when i was altering it, and that never happens!!!!
 loved the venue!!

my handsome 12 year old.. the usher..ushering the mother of the bride
 the bride doing the revolution of dance routine...funny stuff
 bride and her daddy!
 The picnic blanket turned out great, and all the picnic goodies.. the bride said it was her favorite present!!

it was a beautiful wedding...and i wish all the happiness in the world to the bride and groom!!!

have a great day!!


Chris said...

SUMMER!! Your dress was amazing!! you look fabulous!

summer said...

Thanks so much friend!!!

summer said...

Thanks so much friend!!!