Monday, June 22, 2009


I really need to get some new clothes, but I just refuse to pay retail prices for clothes, there are just to many bargains, just waiting for me to find them. so what to do...why not "recycle" my old ones. Some people call me crazy... but not my soul sister over at she did the same thing on the same day, without me even knowing... crazy we are... so i bought this shirt at a yard sale for $1, because I liked the print but it was way to big, so i tried to take it in, but it never looked right.

So i thought why not recycle it and make something new out of it... here it is be fore

and there you go, a new skirt, from a shirt, that cost one buck...yeah!!! feel free to show me what you have been re -purposing


Chris said...

Summer- that is totally cute... you have been and always will be the Queen of the Re-purpose. Your lovely and useful fork racks come to mind.

summer said...

oh yes...the fork racks!!!i love those