Saturday, June 20, 2009

big box of clothes

OK... well I am definitely a PACK RAT... my mom is a pack rat, my grandma was a pack rat... so therefore I'm a PACK RAT. So in my garage, i got my big sweet pickle to let my have one corner of space to put whatever i want in it. Well he was giving me a hard time, asking why i was saving a big box of clothes, that surly was supposed to be going to the thrift store...well, i said, "i am going to make a rug out of our old clothes"... well let me tell you my husband already thinks I'm nuts... but this was over the top, "sure, and why wouldn't we want a old clothes rug" , but i reminded him that this is my square in the garage that he was not allowed to make me get rid of any thing in that corner.

So if any one has made a rug out of your old clothes let me know... and in the future of this blog, I will be sharing lots of other ridiculous recycling projects that i do, because I just cant throw anything out, that i can recycle and reuse. I am a PACK RAT... I will admit it!!!

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Chris said...

I can just hear Big Pickles sarcastic comment and I just laughed out loud!!!!Can't wait to see how the rug turns out!