Wednesday, February 13, 2008

snow in arizona????

isn't it like 125 degress there, well yes in the summer, in some parts of this big state, your shoes have been known to melt to the asphalt. but not in the north, its snows and we have been enjoying it. our homeschool group has been taking advatage of all that snow and heading up to the sledding area(which is just about 1/2 hr from my house). my little dills love it.

we also just stayed up at a cousins cabin in eastern arizona and had a great time, the kids and my husband skied and i watched with the baby who was trying to roll down the hill and form into a snow ball, while i was trying to take pictures of her siblings, fun fun fun!!!the cabin was definatly used as a summer cabin, because we were FREEZING and when we tryed to start a fire, well needless to say, all of our clothes that we packed smelled of smoke, like felt like we has a camp fire right in the living room, well it was fun.... now on to all the laundry i have to do...yuck

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The Unusual Farmchick said...

Great snowman! A skill I never seemed to understand....My poor kids best hope that daddy will teach them.