Saturday, February 2, 2008

7 things about me or 8 or 9

i really enjoy reading and she just posted 7 things about her so im going to be a copy cat.....lets see

1. one of my good friends says that my family growing up(mom dad and brother) were so normal, we are abnormal. my parents are still together after meeting when they were 15yo and then had me and my brother and there was no dysfunction whatsoever, so she thinks we are weird because we were so normal...she would say nobody is that normal!!!

2. im really into recycling and reuseing things and trying to use things that i would normally throw out, like have my kids make bird house out of milk jugs, my purses out of plastic grocery bags,(see earlier post), sometimes when my kids are bored, im like go get something out of the garbage and lets try to make something out of it. i love this idea... i just saw in mother earth news(feb-mar08)... take your toilet paper rolls and cut in half and then make several cuts on one end about an 1 in up and fold it in to make a bottom, then use it as a peat pot for your seeds that your starting for your gardenand they can just be planted in the ground when ready.

3.i really want to live in a yurt.

4. i really want to build a strawbale home and grow grapes and have a big garden and have chickens and goats, learn how to make cheese, brew beer, make really good sour dough bread.

5. my dream car is a volkswagen van but my husband says, " you are not putting our 4 children in to a car that im going to have to come pick you up on the side of the road all the time", plus in arizona it gets a little hot with no a/c. favorite music right now is jack johnson, colby caillat, and jewel, but you can also catch me listening to gypsy kings, or celtic music. not a good house cleaner, i love to make the messes but do NOT like to clean them up. i love to start a big project(sewing, baking, painting some furniture or whatever,) then when the excitement is over, i just want to go on to something else. my husband says "ive never seen anyone dirty every dish and make a huge mess while cooking a simple meal. also noone can just do the stop by at my house they have to give me plenty of notice so i can clean before they get there, and then even im like a lunatic....i say to my kids...OK KIDS... LETS GO WE HAVE GOT TO GET THIS MESS CLEANED UP GO GO GO!!!!(like a drill seargent) some times i even pretend that someone is coming over, so i will really get it cleaned up, then i usually get mad at myself for letting it get so bad.

8. i do not like to clean out my car...4 kids... it just gets so messy!

9. im going to steal this one from my friend in wa. but i totally agree... i think its crazy when people don't think that concidences are cool!

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The Unusual Farmchick said...

Thanks for stopping by and Welcome!
We do have a lot of similarities... My car in the back is always a mess, too. Amazing how it is all on Little mans side... He hates picking up after himself. And they say girls are hard to raise...LOl