Monday, February 25, 2008

i love a bargain!!!! i really love to get a good deal, and i just always seem to go there first to see what good prices i can get... its really about the hunt.... of how cheap can you find it, and also the fun stuff you can find right from your living room.

i never thought i would like to shop online, i remember thinking(when the whole online shopping thing came to be), i will never do that, what fun will that be just sitting at home being unsocial and shopping at home... how boring!!! well well well... i guess, i was, just a little bit wrong... when i got my first taste of winning an auction on ebay.... oh the thrill of it... that i actually won something!!!! i never win things(raffles, the lottery)... but now... oh sweeeet ebay now i can win all the time..... YIPEEEEEE

and speaking of winning, i just won myself a bargain.. i have been shopping for a while now for some bamboo fiber sheets...(since my little sweet pickle cut a hole in my 800thread count set with some scissors) well i got a great deal... and im so excited.. that i just cant hide it,,,, im about to lose control and i think i like it..... yeah yeah, that's actually what i was singing ... right after i won!!! now i just have to wait patiently by the mailbox for them...that's the only bad part of shopping online is that you don't get it in your hot little hands for a while. oh well its still fun hunting.... see with 4 little pickles and living in a small town(seriously there is only a grocery store and a miniature sort of lame walmart store called alco, that we have here)so i don't get much time or don't want to drive 40 -60 min to the nearest walmart or target or whatever.... any who enough with that... here is a picture of what my baby dill likes to do these days..... she is so adorable,,,, so i let her do it......

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