Friday, September 23, 2011

Yippee Yahoo!!!! Its FALL!!!

HAPPY HAPPY FALL DAY!!!! I am so excited, its the first day of Autunm. I can finally feel it in the air. And i can finally turn of my A/C. Living in this high desert... we have to run the a/c constantly from may to sept or even oct. and i am just delighted that i have been able to turn it off at night and in the morning til about 12 or 1pm.. then it still want to kick back on in the after noon... yesterday my kids we playing on the trampoline with the hose... so its still quite hot in the afternoon... but at least we are getting a little morning break...

and i  am also a bit jealous... of all you bloggers out there that are doing your harvesting and canning and preserving.... with your bounty of fruit and veggies... and in my little garden i am going to go out and pick my 8th tomato... that i grew this year... oh well i guess i will have to go to the farmers market and see waht i can buy to can and preserve.

I just went to a canning class that was informative, and learning alot of things that i was doing wrong... so thats good!!i did not know you shouldnt tip the jars when getting them out of the water bath to get the water off... try to keep them level as possible...

 a bandanna table cloth i made for a summer time feast
 some cute piggy toes that have gotten a fresh coat of paint
Did anyone have one of these banana seat bikes when they we younger???? well a new project is to try and fix this on up and bring some glittery life back to it! Im thinking green and orange with a sparkly glitter seat.

OH and i am so excited... I just made my first ETSY sale.... Thank you to Karina in Belgium for purchasing one of my chicken bags.... YIPPEE!!!

Have a great day!!!!


Unknown said...

I don't think I ever had one of the banana seat bikes, but sure loved my 10 speed with the racer handlebars! The bandada tablecloth is a great idea. Do you sew? Might I get you to help me with a quick project for TJ's birthday present? I need some elastic bands stitched to a twin sheet for a tent, but don't have a machine. I was at an etsy shop and remembered that I wanted to look at yours, so headed there next!

summer said...

yes, i will totally help you!!! call or email me, i can pick it up after the library on wed. or bring my machine and after the library come over, which ever works!