Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soccer, uncluttering and maybejust maybe some cooler temps??

Hello all... i have been a bee...(note to self...see about getting beehives)... i am an official soccer coach. I volunteered to coach the little ones 4-5yr old for my sweet baby dill's soccer team. They are such a crack up!!! So, I had a friend (thanks paultaylor) that said that he had brought barbie dolls to show the little ones how the game was played.... so i did the same... well the kids were like... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE... I am showing you how to play the game of soccer with these barbie dolls.. the two boys on the team were not amused and the girls.. thought it was funny... anyhow when i stuck them kids on the field to play... they just stood there and no clue what to do... well so much for barbie... after a couple of scrimmages they kind of got a clue on what to do... so this should be an interesting season... oh and by the was... this is also my first time at coaching anything and i have never in my life played soccer... so like i said it should be interesting.

    So I am also decluttering.. not by my choice but by my husbands... so that had not really been going well... but its got to be done and at least we have a garage.. that we still can't park in..

   And finally.. im hopin and praying.. that its starts to cool down ovah heah!!!!

oh and has anyone seen The Help.. i really want to go see it,, now that i have finished the book!!!

Here are a couple of things i just put in my etsy shop... check them out..Happy day!!!!


Unknown said...

Oh cool, you have an etsy shop! I'm sitting here with a jacket on and blanket over my lap, so at least the nights are cooling down!

summer said...

it must be colder by the river... or im just still hot!!!oh not that kind of hot,, haha!!!