Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wow... i have alot of friends!!! and some new space

 Here is my new space....YIPPEE  I'm so EXCITED!!!! i have been looking for some space for a while now... i mean some crafting space... that i wont have to clean up everynite before dinner. so first i had made my space in the garage.. sewing desk, shelves, and basic crafting supplies... well that did not go over to well with the hubby, because it was always a mess... and in his garage...  so then last week i thought well i have a nice shed.. maybe i will make my space out there.. well as i was cleaning it out... i saw a mouse and lots of spiders... so that option went out the window.. plus at that point seeing all the stuff in my shed.. that brought on a yard sale on my birthday weekend in the 110 degree heat...lovely huh???

so then after the yard sale and the killing of the mouse and spiders and putting back all the stuff back into the shed.. o found my space... in my husbands nice air conditioned shop... which is like the bicycle/man cave/workout shop... but he said i could have a little corner... so i now have  a nice clean little space to do some crafts that i don't have to clean up every nite before dinner... yeah for me!!! My husband saw it this morning and said he liked it, but it was a little weird to see a sewing machine and yarn in his bike shop.. oh well we all have to share now don't we....  oh and about all these friends....

  Well i mean... that sent me birthday wishes.... it was all very nice and all... but i do think its rather funny that people that i have not seen in 20 years.. now because of facebook.. old and new friends can see your every move... if you post stuff on there of course... which i don't.. but i do like to read what others are doing.... anyway, the other day on my facebook page i had like 30 or 35 people wishing me a great birthday.. which i did love don't get me wrong..... its just funny!!!  

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