Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a PALLET project i actually finished

 So here is a project that i started and i ACTUALLY finished..... i have so many projects and crafts started and i just never seem to be able to finish them.... but this one... my sweet hunny was on a backpacking trip with my two older dills.. and i was able to finish the book shelves.... and i just love them..

this glue ROCKS!!! i had to use some because the wood was splitting a little and its awesome
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 So these shelves were cut from a pallet and then painted by my girls and hung up for extra book storage...love them!!! check out my pinterest  for more pallet ideas...
have a great summer day!!!go swim in the creek or a lake or the ocean!!!


Chris said...

Those are great!! I beg to differ...you get A LOT done. Pickles, anyone?????

Chris said...

Love the color you painted them by the way!

summer said...

Thanks sista!!! have you checked out my pinterest... you can link to it from my blog