Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some valentine love

I found these really great vintage valentine post card that my great aunt had wrote to my great grandmother. They are post marked 1909, 1910 and 1912. It that not the coolest.... I was actually looking online for some vintage valentines to print up to give my girls and to decorate with... and then I remembered that I have this whole huge stack of post cards that I kept when my great aunt passed away... so i dug them out and i just love them... i can't stop staring at them... thinking about the time when they were given... a simple post card to show their love... no e-cards, email, texts and all the other electronic things we do these days.... i just love to think about simpler times!

oh and here is my new cowl that i crocheted this week, to bad its like 70 degrees out and i can't even where it. Bummer!!! maybe it will get cold again... i guess i should not complain.. with all the midwestern and east coast storms and snow!!!

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Sara M. Taylor said...

You always amaze me. You have a new project going every time I turn around. You are an inspiration. I love running into you at the library to talk and hear updates on your latest find. Love ya!