Friday, July 26, 2013

the unfinished project

I am a starter of projects... I get really excited to start a new project and then sometimes it fizzles out... sometimes i run out of time and the project is completely covering our dining room table and then its time for dinner and my husband is like....where are we going to eat... so i have to quickly clean it up.. and then of course it may never come back out...and sometimes i actually do finish one.

well this project has been on going... i take it to soccer practices, take it in the car while sitting and waiting ... or to the town pool and work on it while the kids are swimming... it was supposed to be for my husband( a birthday present, his birthday was in april) then i thought maybe fathers day it will get it finished.. that didnt happen... well I have been working on it a lot lately.. so what is the next holiday?  or maybe it can just be a "just because" gift...
This is about half of a recycled t-shirt hammock...i am so excited to be done with it and i think it will be fun for the whole family!!!

Some other projects that i have been working on this summer are the $400 bracelet..(sshhh that i made for about $20)

So I had been looking in the Sundance catalog..which i love.. but everything in there is so expensive... so i decided to try and make one... its not exactly but close enough and way more affordable.. this is a project i did finish... partly because I was giving as a gift to a friend... yippee...

well hopefully all of you are getting your projects finished or a least started... happy project day@!!!

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