Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So, its time to think about gift giving..and making!!!

I love making gifts!!! the problem is... I never have enough time to make them!!! And that is a BIG problem. These are some things that i would love to try and make this holiday season...

Owl hats... love them!!! they are so fun!! I would need to make two of them
Beanies for the boys and man in my life(my sweet husband)... so that would be three of those
Goat milk soap... OMGoodness i forgot to post about my goat milking adventure.. i will have to do that
Goat milk fudge...yum!!

So this is all I can remember right at this moment... but I think i can do it!!! now that soccer season is over ( so our 3 games a week and 3 practices a week ) and we just have 3 kids in basket ball.. so that only means between 4 and 6 games a week and 6 practices a week that i would have to taxi for... well that does mean alot of sitting at games and practices that i could be crocheting my hats... RIGHT!!!

 So everyone get started on making your gifts for the holiday season!!

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