Wednesday, August 10, 2011

well... i guess that was it....summer is over!!!

Everyone here has started school... yesterday!! Mano. mano. how the summer flew by!!!Ours was taken up by all stars baseball... and swimming lessons...and then we did get to go on a trip to my parents for a week... which was super fun... got to go to a real lake...(not an Arizona lake, where you have to watch out for cactus) a real lake, that pine trees grow right down to the water... it was sooooo nice. We stayed in a great little cabin(thanks brother for that) and went out for a nice boat ride...caught a chipmunk in a box trap fished, ate, drank and then ate and drank some more.... fun stuff!!!

But now... yes its back to school... well i mean trying to figure out what to order for school... mental note.... need to order math books and science books for kids.... O.K. will post pictures of the trip soon.... i had to purchase a disposable camera for the trip, because a person with a degree in photography doesn't always remember to bring her camera(husband was not happy... since we are still and will always be paying for the student loans that paid for the photography degree) so i have to go get them developed which seems so old school and i barely remember how to do it.... so if you haven't started school yet... ENJOY the rest of your summer

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Chris said...

Wah! I'm crying over here...I don't want summer to be over. It went by too fast.