Tuesday, June 21, 2011

17 years...oh my!!!

Conner Hotel, where we stayed in Jerome AZ

 great view of Sedona Az
 Some of the great funky homes in Jerome
 and the great yard art
 and the interesting bathrooms
 and the telephone booth(people still use those apparently)
the view from our room

Well, on the 18th... was my 17th year anniversary... WOW that sounds like such a long time. But really it has flown by, especially since we have had kids... so we were not going to plan any thing special for the big day(we should just save our money... we can't find a babysitter for all night...yadayadayada).... just maybe have a nice dinner with the kids. 

Well my AMAZING  husband surprised me(little stinker) and booked a room in my favorite town   JEROME AZ right above the Spirit Room... a very cool and crazy watering hole.... anyway... we had such a great time.. Thanks to my sweet husband... Happy Anniversary... hopefully we have many more years filled with fun and happiness...

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