Saturday, May 21, 2011

a two poster day!!!

WOW.. here i don't post forever and today im posting twice... i need to catch up.. who knows maybe it will be three....

OH HOW I LOVE BABY GOATS!!!!! we went on a little field trip to Strawberry AZ.(is this not he cutest name of a town????)  to Fossil Creek goat and llama farm... so fun... we had the best goat milk fudge and goat cheese...... I on the other hand was a little confused about the field trip and I thought that we actually got to milk them and make the fudge ourselves(which i was so extremly excited to do) but we just got to feed the baby goats from a bottle and BUY the fudge... oh well it was still fun... my boys were grateful... before the trip they were saying " we are not milking anything"   what fun is that, I say!!!! Fun homeschooling days!!!!

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