Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i think its time for a blog post

Focus, focus, focus... come on I can do it... I know i can... I can post on this blog more than once every 6 mo. to a year.... I are just some random pics of.... I sometime this past summer... some yummy pizza I made with some homemade pesto that I grew in my super small non-producing garden. A yummy squash and tomato tart with Parmesan cheese, that i made sometime this summer. (wish I could remember the recipe)
Here we are pickling...130 jars... crazy!!!! it took 4 days and i bought every jar in the Verde Valley... well it seemed like i did!!

The artichokes THAT I GREW no joke... that is the only thing that I could really grow in my garden. We harvested about 30 of them. Amazing!!!

The rewards!!!!! I have pickles everywhere, in every nook and crany of my house.

We had a great summer, and on to fall!!! Its finally starting to cool off here in sunny AZ. I actually had to put on socks the other night. Yippee!!!
More to post tomorrow... I'm going to do it!!!!

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